Zoning Board of Appeals

The Board of Appeals acts upon the questions arising in the administration of the Zoning Ordinance, including interpretation of the Zoning Map and the text of the Zoning Ordinance.  Decisions and actions of the Board of Appeals are limited, in scope, by State Law and court decisions and all decisions of the Board must meet legal standards which are presented under Zoning Ordinance, Section 30.6 (a) – (d).

With these guidelines in mind, the Board in its deliberations must determine that the facts of the case satisfy ALL FOUR of the legal elements to grant a variance.  It is the responsibility of the applicant to present information adequate to meet the legal requirements for the Board to grant a variance.  Such things as financial hardship, neighbor opinions, and aesthetics are not cause for a variance approval unless ALL FOUR of the legal requirements are met.  Variance standards are high and variances are difficult to grant.  Please consider your case carefully in the context of the ordinance requirements.

The decision of the Board of Appeals is final at the township level and may only be appealed to, and altered by, the Circuit Court of Kent County.



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