Planned Zoning

The purpose of planning is to promote public health, safety, and general welfare by establishing zoning districts throughout the Township, within which the use of land, buildings and structures is regulated in the public interest. 

Planning with a purpose:
* Encourages the use of land in accordance with its character and adaptability and in furtherance of future land use needs. 
* Preserves and enhances the value of land and other property.
* Conserves natural resources and energy so as to meet the needs of the public for food, natural resources, recreation and other land uses.
* Ensures that uses of land shall be situated in appropriate locations and relationships, and to avoid the overcrowding of population.
* Lessens congestion on the public streets and provides adequate light and air.
* Reduces hazards to life and property.
* Assists in providing for transportation, safe and adequate water supply, sanitary sewage disposal, recreation and other public requirements. 
* Conserves expenditures for public improvements and services, so as to obtain the most advantageous uses of land, natural resources and other property interests.
* Assures the compatibility of land uses, buildings and structures within each district.
* Avoids or moderates problems or results that may limit or be detrimental to the sound development of land, buildings and structures.
* Implements the policies and recommendations of the Township Master Plan, when to do so would advance the public interest and foster reasonable land uses.



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