Licenses & Permits (MISC)

The Township of Algoma is a general law township, established according to the terms and subject to the provisions of applicable laws of the State of Michigan and other applicable authority. Therefore, the applications prescribed herein are created or provided pursuant to Michigan State law or Township Ordinance or policy.

Fireworks Display Permit Application - 2021 State of Michigan form
General Code Ordinance Section 4.39 (a) - A person shall not ignite, discharge or use articles pyrotechnic, display fireworks or special effects fireworks for public or private display within the Township, without first obtaining a Township permit authorizing such ignition, discharge or use of such fireworks.

Junk / Salvage Yard License Application
General Code Ordinance Section 12.8(a) - A person shall not maintain or operate a junkyard or salvage yard in the Township without first applying for and obtaining a license therefore, issued by the Township Board.

Outdoor Gathering Permit Application
General Code Ordinance Section 14.4(a) - A person shall not sponsor, operate, maintain, conduct or promote an outdoor assembly in the Township unless he shall have first made application for, and obtained, as prescribed in this chapter, a license for each such assembly.

Solicitor, Peddler, Transient Merchant License Application
General Code Ordinance Section 19.2 - It shall be unlawful for any peddler, solicitor or transient merchant, whether a person, firm or corporation, to peddle, solicit or engage in business as a transient merchant within the Township as to any merchandise, article or thing without having first secured a license from the Township therefor.

Local Government Approval Application for certain Liquor Licenses
General Code Ordinance Section 16.2(a) - Applications for license to sell beer and wine or spirits shall be made to the Township Board in writing, signed by the applicant, if an individual, or by a duly authorized agent thereof, if a partnership or corporation, verified by oath or affidavit.



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