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Township Board as Policymaker
A.  Legislative Body
  • Adopts Ordinances
  • Adopts Budget
  • Appoints most employees, boards, commissions
  • Approves disbursements
  • Authorizes contracts
  • Adopts policies and administrative rules
  • Fills mid-term vacancies
  • Establishes compensation for appointed officials
  • May establish officer compensation (absent other procedures) 
B.  Officer’s Duties
               1. Supervisor as Policymaker
                         -Moderates Township Board Meeting
                         -Votes on all matters
                         -May call special meetings

               2. Clerk as Policymaker
                         -Custody and organization of all records of Clerk’s Office
                         -Custody and organization of all township records unless other arrangements provided
                         -Maintains general ledger of all funds and accounts
                         -Prepares town orders to draw checks
                         -Prepares Financial Statement annually
                         -Assists Supervisor in preparation of budget
                         -Agenda and packet preparation for Township Board Members
                         -Prepares minutes for Township Board
                         -Delivers notices of special meetings
                         -Publishes minutes in local newspaper if township s.e.v. exceeds 25 million
                         -Must appoint a deputy
                         -Posts surety bond
                         -Maintains a Book of Oaths
                         -Maintains Ordinance book (General Ordinances and Zoning Ordinances)
                         -Delivers tax certificates to Supervisor prior to Sept. 15
                         -Maintains Voter Registration File (QVF)
                         -Conducts elections
                         -Processes payroll and all quarterly reports and tax reporting information involved
                         -Processes 1099 information for contracted businesses
                         -Human Resource coordinator (Health, Liability, Pensions, Life, Disability, etc.)
                         -Cemetery records, grounds and maintenance management
                         -Maintains sureties for various site plans
                         -Site Plan Escrow Account
                         -Administrator of theTownship website
                         -Township newsletter editor

                     Many of these duties are delegated to the Clerk’s deputy.  This delegation is at the discretion of the Clerk.

               3.  Treasurer as Policymaker
                         -Receives all receipts and issues check
                         -Collects taxes on behalf of township and other tax-levying unit
                         -Invests surplus funds in approved depositorie
                         -Collects delinquent personal property and jeopardy assessment
                         -Collects mobile home specific tax
                         -Collects other township revenue
                         -Collects summer property taxes by contract with school districts
                         -Must appoint a deputy
                         -Posts surety bond

               4.  Trustees as Policymaker (Algoma Township has four Trustees)
                         -Vote on all matters
                         -Township legislators
                         -Other duties assigned by the Board

C.  Administrative Responsibilities
  • Meets at least quarterly
  • Establishes meeting schedule
  • Determines number and duties of constables
  • Approves industrial tax exemptions
  • Rezone property
  • Recommends approval/denial of liquor licenses
  • Appropriations to services to the aging
  • Submits extra voted millages to the voters
  • Creates special assessment districts
  • Determines allocation board request
  • Resolves to hold annual meeting
  • Designates township fund depositories
G.  Limitations on Board
  • Federal and State law
  • Lawful actions of the annual meeting
  • Library Board, Park Commissions
  • Civil Service Commissions
  • Salary Compensation Commissions
  • Lawfully executed contracts



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