Algoma Township Cemetery .

The Algoma Township Cemetery is located at 10516 Grange Avenue NE, Rockford, just south of 13 Mile Road.  It is one of two cemeteries located within the Township's borders and is owned by the Township.  There are currently nine sections to the cemetery, the two oldest sections, sections 1 and 2,  having burials that date back to the mid-1800's.  Section 3 is the largest of nine sections within the cemetery grounds.  Sections five through nine were recently platted due to an additional parcel of land added to the cemetery on the east side.

Algoma Township sells 'burial rights' to those interested in burying a loved one in the cemetery.  The sale and conveyance of such burial rights shall be only for the purpose of burial for the purchaser and/or his heirs at law or next of kin but no ownership to the gravesite(s).  Algoma Township maintains the cemetery grounds through  moneys allocated in its general operating fund. Call the Township Clerk's Office for fees associated with the purchase of burial rights certificates and or transfers.

The Briggs' Family Cemetery is the second cemetery mentioned above, and is located on the west side of Northland Drive just north of the City of Rockford.  This cemetery is not owned by the Township and no new burials are allowed in it as the cemetery is known only to have buried descendants of the Briggs family.  The Briggs' Family Cemetery is currently maintained by the crematorium company that owns a business on the same parcel of land.

Adjacent to the Algoma Township Cemetery is the Memorial Park.  It is a dual-purpose memorial, remembering the old Algoma Baptist Church on one side of a granite monument and all veterans serving in all of our military divisions on the other side.  This park with its monument was constructed and installed over a period of about four years. The Algoma Township Historical Society holds an annual Memorial Day service at this site and all are welcome to participate.




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